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Honest Harvest & Aging


We source only the best agaves from the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco. Once fully matured, we require them to be trimmed close to the heart to help eliminate any oily or waxy taste or texture and to ensure a cleaner fermentation, distillation process, and resulting final flavor.


The agave ‘hearts’ are steam-roasted in centuries-old, stone-walled brick ovens, or hornos, for 36 to 54 hours. This traditional art of ‘slow cooking’ prevents caramelization, softens fibers, and transforms carbohydrates into fermentable sugars. The ovens also help the carefully grown agave retain its naturally sweet, mellow flavors.


The cooked agave contains a concentration of sugar which we extract using a shredding machine known as a molino or mill. As the agave fibers pass through the milling heads, they release a sweet liquid that is ready for fermentation.


Natural yeast is added to the ‘wort’ or agave juice, resulting in a ‘beer’ with an alcohol content of 5–9% ABV. Our fermentation system takes between 48 and 60 hours on average, whereas many mass-produced tequilas are fermented in less than a quarter of the time. Ours has a more neutral, and more full-bodied, final tequila flavor. 


We distill the fermented beer twice: first to separate and concentrate alcohol from the fermented wort, and second to enrich and clarify the tequila. The final product is approximately 55% ABV.

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